Vladimir Zelensky thanked Washington for helping Kiev and called the United States an example for Ukraine in carrying out reforms. He asked the United States to continue to help overcome the “Russian aggression” and to tighten sanctions again

Vladimir Zelensky (Photo: Gleb Garanichev / Reuters)

On the day of the inauguration, President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky met with White House representatives who arrived in Kiev to inaugurate the new President of Ukraine. He called on Washington to tighten sanctions against Russia, the press service of the Ukrainian president said.

“The USA is a powerful and very serious partner for Ukraine, primarily in overcoming Russia’s aggression,” Zelensky addressed the American delegation. He noted that “Kiev will not be able to independently overcome Russian aggression in the Donbass and the Crimea”. “Therefore, we need your help. I would like to urge you that the United States continue to tighten sanctions against the Russian Federation, ”Zelensky said.

The President of Ukraine thanked the United States for security support and called America an example for democratic reforms in Ukraine. “The reform of Ukraine as a whole, in all sectors, will not take place after the ceasefire in the Donbas, but in parallel. Because we need it. We want to become a European country in the field of values ​​and transparency, ”he said.

In conclusion, Zelensky expressed hope for a meeting with Donald Trump in the near future.

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The US delegation arriving in Kiev includes US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Walker and Senator Ron Johnson.

On May 10, the ex-president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko asked the German Chancellor Angela Merkel to strengthen anti-Russian sanctions. He justified the need to increase pressure on Russia by issuing Russian passports in the Donbass.

In an inaugural speech, Zelensky spoke of the need to return Crimea and Donbass to Ukraine. “Both Crimea and Donbass are Ukrainian land. We lost not only territories, we lost the most important thing – people. And today we just have to regain their consciousness. Over the years, the government has not done anything to make them feel like Ukrainians. They are not strangers, they are ours. They are Ukrainians, ”he said from the rostrum in the Verkhovna Rada.